Greetings from Gallery Hanakagesho

Under the current coronavirus situation and requirement for voluntary business restraint, we have canceled Bishu SAITO’s solo exhibition at our Nezu gallery space. Our priority is the safety of everyone.

Because we had planned to celebrate the artist’s seventy-seventh birthday with the exhibition, it is extremely regrettable but unavoidable.

The gallery consulted with the artist and under the current situation we decided to exhibit his works on the Internet.

In retrospect, approximately fifty years ago Mr. Bishu was one of the pioneers of the new contemporary netsuke movement. In the current difficult situation, we are highly encouraged that our first Internet exhibition will be Bishu SAITO’s.

The attraction of Mr. Bishu’s work is the strong dynamism and vigor infused in his netsuke sculptures, along with the composition unity. In a recorded interview, it is also apparent that, while striving for new sculpture, he continues to hold reverence for classical work.

If on the website the attraction of Mr. Bishu’s artwork can fully be appreciated and enjoyed by many viewers, the artist will be extremely happy.

Gallery Hanakagesho, Tatsushi HASHIMOTO

Greetings from Bishu SAITO

About the Exhibition

For each of the last ten years I have exhibited artwork at solo exhibitions and large events. With visitors coming to see the works and expressing their opinions, the exhibitions are also an opportunity for me to examine myself.

The title of this exhibition is Homage to the Classical, with the Contemporary. I exhibit new works with feelings of reverence and understanding toward classical artwork and perhaps uncertainty toward my current self.

If you noticed, I am already seventy-seven years old.

The world is currently in the midst of the coronavirus crisis. Because we cannot hold the exhibition at the gallery, we hope you will see the works on the Internet. From now with society expected to change, this will also be a new challenge for me.

April 2020