from Gallery Hanakagesho

We are proud to present a solo exhibition of the sculptor Nagashima Shinya, both at our gallery in Nezu and online. The exhibition centers on a series entitled Kigurumi Hime (juvenile gods in costume).

The deformed figures, which are like extensions of soft vinyl dolls, are the result of Nagashima’s long quest for cute iconography through trial and error. At the same time, however, a girl with realistic presence is included.

The artworks, of which a total of fifteen will be exhibited, lie between fantasy and reality. We hope the exhibition will be enjoyed by many.

Gallery Hanakagesho,

Kigurumi Hime/Shinya NAGASHIMA

Greetings from the artist

God did not create man, but man created God,
If the living body that houses a soul is man, then the object which houses a wish is God,
An amulet is an idol and a fragment of divine power,
Gods and monsters also reside on the other side, but both are creations of the human mind.

As a theme this is something I have worked on continually for a while but this exhibition is a challenge to express that in form.